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New Enhancements to Enrollment Hub


Good Day Agents, 

In our mission to support you and our prospective members, we are excited to inform you Electronic eSignature is Available for Scope of Appointments (SOA’s) for English & Spanish!   

Enrollment Hub will now support:

  • Both an English and Spanish flow for completing your SOA’s and allowing you to email the consumer the web link so they can sign the SOA without being face to face
To access the eSig SOA Training Doc log into HMU and search for the Enrollment HUB Training Toolkit.  Once the webpage opens look for the job aid titled “How to Complete an SOA Using the Electronic Signature Method”.

SOA Process Flow Updates (changes are shown below for adding eSig)

*Agent will now see the verbiage in parenthesis stating email is required for eSignature
*Agent will now be able to view and select a new signature option below for “Electronic Signature”

 *After selecting Electronic Signature option the agent will be presented with 3 Consent questions
*After selecting “Complete” the agent will be presented with the SOA ID and can continue to their workbench to view the status on their card



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